Mobile App

We developed a smartphone application with a great user interface and user experience that adapts to your needs. It is fast and simple to use.

Top features

Recharge your balance

Mobile application lets you recharge your services regardless of the type of package or device you own.

Review usage history

Statistical data about the usage of your services are provided for you within your desired specific range of date.

Customers support

We are always there for you. Simply go to customer support section on the application and send us a ticket for immediate support!

Purchase Plans

All available offers that matches your services are shown and ready for your choice.

Manage multiple accounts

The beauty of this application is to easify the management of multiple accounts of your service without re-entering user authentication details more than once.

Manage your subscriptions

Besides letting you manage multiple accounts, the application lets you manage your multiple subscriptions within each of your accounts as well.

Remember, whenever and wherever you face any difficulty or issue with your services, we are always there for you to support! The screenshot to the left, is a sample of a sent ticket.

It is simple and easy to use download now...

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